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Great Bonobo Ape: Who Are They?

The Great Bonobo Ape: Who Are They?

Bonobos are great apes related to Orangutans in Asia, Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Africa. The discovery of bonobos took a considerable time due to its limited population and location. Early explorers were unable to penetrate the area where they are residing.

Bonobos are unique to the Democratic Republic of Congo. To be precise, they are located in the south and west regions of the Congo River. However, there was evidence that these limitations are inaccurate, which should come as good news.

In 2007, a new 11,000 square mile of rain forest were dedicated to bonobo’s protection. The only catch is that no bonobos were found to be residing in this massive reserve area, due to either inappropriate habitat or human hunting. The effort becomes self-defeating by nature.

You can easily identify bonobos from chimpanzees. Bonobos are more of a humanoid form having smaller, rounder heads, and longer rear legs They are able to walk in an upright position, using the two rear legs, the way we do.

The weight proportion between male and female bonobos is also quite similar as with humans. They also have red lips, and can sing.

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